Keynote Addresses

(2015) “Trans Performance Ethnography: Queer Bathroom Stories as Case Study” Sexuality Studies Association, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada, June 3. SSA Keynote Ottawa (PDF document)

(2015) “Queer Pedagogies of Performance: Queer Bathroom Stories as Case Study”, 10th International Anti-homophobia Meeting of KAOS GL Association, Ankara University, Turkey, May 16-17.

(2014) “Transgender, Performance and Social Activism” Two-day workshop on transgender studies in the Nordic region sponsored by Södertörn University and the Centre for Gender Studies at Uppsala University, Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 17-18.

(2010) “Queer Pedagogies: Gender and the Heterosexual Matrixes of the Bathroom,” Feminist Pedagogies: Innovations, Interventions, Inquiries, The Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

Public Presentations

Cavanagh, S.L. (2018, April 6-7). History/Theory expert on the Restroom. “Noncompliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space”, Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, US.

Selected Conference Presentations

Trans* photography, sexual difference and the m/Other in Vivek Shraya’s Trisha” (PDF) Sexuality Studies Association, SSHRC Congress, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, May 28, 2017.

Tiresias and the Other Sexual Difference,” (PDF) Open Embodiments: Somatechnics, University of Arizona, Tuscan, United States, April 15-19, 2015. 

Transsexualist Jouissance”, The Freudian Legacy Today.  Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture, Inaugural Conference. University of Toronto, September, 20, 2013.

Lectures to Professional Organizations

Cavanagh, S.L. Tiresias and psychoanalysis after Oedipus: Bracha L. Ettinger and Jacques Lacan. SITE Conference on Transgender, Gender and Psychoanalysis. London, England: Freud Museum. [Dutch translation by Mileen Janssens submitted to Psychoanalytische Perspectieven. Universiteit Gent]. 11 March, 2017.

Cavanagh, S.L. Transgender and Psychoanalysis. (Presenter and Discussant). Between Hours/ Interdisciplinary Dialogues. Toronto, ON: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society, October 21, 2017.