As co-editor of Somatechnics, along with my amazing Swedish colleague, Malena Gustavson, I have overseen the publications of several special issues including: Cripping Development (2016); Trans Temporalities (2017); and the forthcoming Somatechnics of Sex in Canada (2017). It is my great pleasure to welcome Iris van der Tuin and Holly Randell-Moon to the editorial team.

Somatechnics presents a thoroughly multi-disciplinary scholarship on the body, providing a space for research that critically engages with the ethico-political implications of a wide range of practices and techniques. The term ‘somatechnics’ indicates an approach to corporeality which considers it as always already bound up with a variety of technologies, techniques and technics, thus enabling an examination of the lived experiences engendered within a given context, and the effects that technologies, technés and techniques have on embodiment, subjectivity and sociality.
Fully double-blind peer-reviewed, Somatechnics seeks contributions that present innovative examinations of the interplay between bodily being and the technological context in which it occurs. The journal publishes articles and special issues on topics such as the (soma)technics of racialization, ‘terror’, movement, spatialization, size(ing), reproduction, consumption, gender, medicine, information, gaming, film, nation, globalization, ecology, bioscience, law, sexuality, family, education, health, visuality and ancestry.