QBM2Libido Productions was founded in 2010 by York University professor, author and playwright Sheila L. Cavanagh. The Toronto-based theatre company specializes in Queer and Trans- drama with a focus on the psychic complexities of gender and sexuality. Libido Productions is committed to verbatim theatre and research based performances. Its mandate is to produce critical and psychoanalytically nuanced plays that complicate normative ideas about love and loss, hate, identification, gender, desire and embodiment. Libido Productions are dramatic and politically compelling in the way they grapple with everyday emotions and affect in the socio-cultural landscape. The company’s first production was Queer Bathroom Stories (Formerly Queer Bathroom Monologues) which was staged as an amateur production at the Toronto Fringe Festival (2011) and professionally remounted at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, May 31 – June 15, 2014.

Review Highlights from the Buddies Production:

…lots of humour and even more heart…a profound picture — The Charlebois Post
…professional…stylish…with great choreography and very interesting movement pieces dotting its landscape — Mooney on Theatre
The material is frequently fascinating…a brief monologue about an Islamic man sitting for hours in a stall looking for some sort of connection is powerful.  And a scene about a trans woman autoworker’s experiences is horrific — NOW

Review Highlights from the Fringe Production:

Artsy. I recommend it! — Mooney on Theatre.
Thoughtful. Sensitive. Energetic. — NOW Magazine.
You’ll never look at a public bathroom the same way again! — FUSE Magazine.

Reviews of Queer Bathroom Monologues @ the Toronto Fringe Festival:

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